Before / After
Site Prep Loose Stone Pavement
Site Prep Variety of Plants, Shrubs, Trees w/ irrigation.

LDS - Columbia, Windsor Lake Ward Upgrade 2007

Southern Magnolia Mr Magnolia inspecting Tea Olives Kousa Dogwood or "Strawberry Tree"
Sample Landscape Very Shady Pendo Palm Mothers Day Azalea Bloom
Camelias ready for market Boskoop Glory (3 gallon) tamukeyama
Japanese Maple King Sago Palm Ligustrum cuttings
Azaleas ready for picking Magnolia's Truck and Giant  Magnolia Tree Beautiful Pendo Palm in Coastal South Carolina
Windmill Palm @ nursery awaiting transport AcerPalmatum-Crimson Queen
AcerPalmatum-Crimson Queen Bradford Pear; Summer Charge It!!