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This image was made after a 20 minute ride through urban areas averaging speeds from 30 - 60 mph.

This is on a Standard/Tourer Valkyrie with Baker Air wings and additional deflectors mounted forward of the front forks. There is no fluid in the Tumbler during this test.

Numerous configurations have been tested, to include numerous designs of insulated, and non-insulated containers. A few different model containers are shown to verify that other Tumblers may be used with the Stainless Auto-Warming Holder.

Conductive transfer of heat is accomplished via a heavy stainless washer fit into the recess at the bottom of the Auto-warming Holder. We could pretend that this "device" is some cutting edge technological marvel, but it's just a washer.

Convective transfer of heat is achieved simply by the wind blowing in, through, and around the engine. Of course, the assistance of after-market deflection devices meant to protect the rider, usually means the warmed air can transfer some heat to your Auto-warming Holder.

Our Thermometer read 59 degrees at start of the ride. You can see it is approx 105 at this stop.


To the right is one of the many attempts at finding a container worthy of designing into a desireable Valkyrie Accessory.

This tumbler proved to be too light for Interstate speeds once the coffee was finished.

Though some styrofoam cups will sit in the Auto-warming holder, turbulence is likely to upset the cup, no matter the temperature of the contents.




    Parts List for ONE Complete
    Auto-Warming Stainless Cup/Tumbler Holder
  • 1 16oz Stainless Tumbler w/ Clear Acrylic cover
  • 1 small stainless washer
  • 1 Super-Dyno-mega Heat Transfer Chip (large washer)
  • 1 Stainless Tumbler Holder w/ Flame relief






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